The Threads fashion presentation is managed mainly by the current year's Event Planning class alongside a few faculty members across all of George Brown College's fashion programs. The Event Planning course is taught by Winnie Leung and she stands as the Event Manager. Under her follows a number of positions and teams comprised of her students.

     The Event Planning class each year is given the opportunity to elect their Event Coordinator. For the 2016 class, Jacklyn Reid was named the Event Coordinator. Kimanie Johnson led the Fashion Show Production Team. Kaitlyn Fifield led the Event Logistics Team. ______ led the Decor & Entertainment Team. ______ led the Food & Beverages team. External Communications was led by Chloe Jones while Internal Communications was led by Jessica Ranells.


For many years, Threads, even before the presentation was known as Threads, was a school-supported event that not many people knew about or the purpose that it served, other than the people enrolled in a fashion program--and even then it wasn't even well-known between the students. In the past, the event started off as FASHION WORKS and was featured as a fashion show and networking event for GBC's current fashion program graduates. In more recent years, the Fashion Education Department decided to turn the event into more of a presentation due to the fact that the department decided to add portfolio presentations and an award ceremony, to which ultimately birthed the name Threads. 

THREADS 2016 photo1.jpg

The theme for THREADS 2016's fashion show was named, PROVOKED EMOTIONS. You can learn more about it by seeing the picture below.

THREADS 2016 photo4.png



     THREADS 2016 took place on the 26th of April and was held at the Casa Loma Stables. Check out some pictures of the venue below.