What is THREADS?

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     THREADS is 4 events in one day -- a fashion show; STUDIO, the student portfolio presentation; FASHIONWORKS, a networking event; and the AWARDS.


THREADS is George Brown College's School of Fashion Studies' year-end event, showcasing our Graduating Class to the fashion industry: 

                               Fashion Business Industry;
                               Fashion Management;
                               Fashion Techniques and Design;
                               International Fashion Management;

                               Sustainable Fashion Production &
                               Apparel Technical Design programs

Produced for and by our graduating fashion students, our event offers opportunities for our graduates to display their talents and work during our fashion show and STUDIO portfolio presentations, and network to establish direct contact with fashion industry professionals during FASHIONWORKS. Supported by George Brown College, THREADS provides the School of Fashion Studies with the opportunity to highlight our students' achievements at the AWARDS ceremony, to potential employers of the fashion industry.


"The THREADS 2018 Committee is committed to inspiring every participant with an unforgettable celebration of creativity, diversity, sustainability and professionalism. As our unique year-end fashion event creates opportunities through networking and showcasing student accomplishments, it will build connections between the college community and the fashion industry, opening doors and motivating new collaborations." 

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